Outcry over new Pamushana head

MASVINGO – There is an outcry at Pamushana High School in Bikita over the newly appointed head with parents complaining that Agrippa Moyo is too inexperienced to head such a big school.
According to sources Moyo has just five years’ experience as a head and he headed a small rural day school before he was elevated to his new post. The parents are also complaining that the post was not advertised.
The parents are planning to send a petition contesting the appointment to authorities.
The Reformed Church in Zimbabwe Pamushana is one of the biggest and most highly rated schools in Masvingo.
The parents vented their anger on the Dutch Reformed Church of Zimbabwe (RCZ) education board.
RCZ General Secretary Tafadzwa Masimba said parents may lack a full understanding of the criteria used to select and appoint a head to a big school. He said that the appointment was also approved by the ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
“The appointment policy says that a candidate should have been a head at a rural day school once and then promoted to town schools. Moyo meets those requirements well,” said Masimba.
Moyo was at Chisungo Secondary School in Bikita. His predecessor Raymond Ndega was transferred to Chibi Secondary School in Bikita.
Normally the RCZ and other mission schools appoint senior deputy heads at any of their boarding schools to head their boarding schools
A parent who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said that Moyo had no record to show for such a big school. He said that for Pamushana the parents always looked forward to a head who has achieved excellent pass rates for children and Pamushana being a sporting power house, the new head must have records that prove that he can sustain that.
“The board should have appointed a head from another RCZ boarding school like Zimuto or Alheit, not to handpick from nowhere,” said the parent.https://masvingomirror.com/

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