Outcry as Police randomly assault people at Mberengwa Growth Point

Sharon Nyaya

Mberengwa – There is an outcry at Mberengwa Growth Point after Police allegeldy stormed bars and went about beating anyone they came across in the business center on the evening of November 2, 2020.

The Mirror has videos taken from street cameras where cops use sjamboks to beat any civilian they saw without asking any questions.

Sources said that the incident was triggered by the body of a man found behind Mangena Bar in the growth point. The deceased was found with stab wounds and the culprit is yet to be arrested.

An irate businessman at the growth point, Archiford Gamunorwa confirmed the incident and said it was wrong for Police to go round assaulting innocent civilians. He said that people were attacked even those who were drinking from licensed bars.

The deputy officer commanding district Farmer Moyo told The Mirror in an interview that Police was there to protect the public and it was not recommended that cops use sjamboks to beat up people. He said that Police officers are deployed with button sticks and not sjamboks.

“When we acquire licenses, it is for us to operate within the dictates of the law and to be protected by the same law. Police have a duty to advise the public when they are holding a campaign. This approach where they storm business premises and assault innocent civilians is unlawful and unjust. We are here to help Police if they want any information from us. What they did is to chase people from licensed bars into shabeens,” said Gamunorwa.

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