Outcry as Police protects unlicensed Gutu bars


GUTU – Several businessmen in the Chinyika area of Gutu have cried foul over the Zimbabwe Republic Police that is allegedly protecting a local businessman who is not only running beerhalls without the required licences but is also operating a shebeen.
The Mirror is told that Gee Manenji Jinga is operating a shebeen at Chikandamina Business Centre in Chief Munyardzi’s area and he also runs Choto Beerhall at Chinyika without a licence.
The Mirror visited Chikandamina and found out that there is a shebeen that is being run from a small room that used to house a grinding mill.
Violence erupted at his Chinyika operation on Christmas Eve last year and several people were seriously injured and cars damaged.
Jinga said these are malicious allegations being raised by jelousy people who are worried about his prices which are cheap when called for comment
National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati said he was not aware of the issue but will give the issue to officer Commanding Masvingo for attention.
Joseph Mugwamba a businessman at Chikandamina told The Mirror that many reports were made to the Police base at Bhasera Business Centre and sometimes Police never come. He said that when cops do come they just hold discussions with the businessman and leave.
Some of the Police officers to whom reports were allegedly made are member in charge Inspector Gilbert Manyore, Inspector Langton Rwanyanya and one Constable Kechi on several occassions.
“It is so painful that we now pay $1 228 in licence fees per year to operate a bottle store and yet someone can just come and sell beer from a dingy  room that used to house a grinding mill. The businessman pays no licence fees to council and he does not meet the conditions required to operate a beer outlet.
“If this is not corruption then what is it?,” said a dejected Mugwanda.

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