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Of the disconnected WI-FI and recalls

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Of the disconnected WI-FI and recalls


Rugare rwemapositori, tichipinda tichibuda tichipinda tichibuda, tigaragara tobhema. Ndokuti tione ka. Boys rangu zvamhanje mhanje zvinhu hazvina kumira correct. We are all in that post-election era where the seed of polarisation is rearing its ugly face.
The situation is being exacerbated by the recent recalls by the famous or infamous Tshabangu. We should all admit that what he did was gross. I won’t say much about Mutauri because atoriwo nedenda, so don’t worry about him because atoriwo Mudenda iroriya rakatora vasekuru.
These elections left me drained and confused. As you all know HOTH is apolitical but the latest episodes left me with no choice but to call a spade a spade not an agricultural tool.
Ko team remasangisheni riya rakazosvika here kumba. I just heard some were still in town ages after the march was over. Iko kuda zvemahara uku ma1 chaiwo. Ivo vana Chris and his wife Monie are always travelling to the western countries for holidays.
Imi vana Giribheti muchichera mbeva kumusha uku ndimi makuenda mberi muchiti pasi nemasangisheni. Munoazivirepi henyu imi? Makamborega kunwa ndari yenyu nekuda kwemasngisheni here nhai? Kkkkk seka hako HOTH.
Anyway how is the first citizen of the ancient city of Masvingo? I am told vakasangana nechakapedza mbudzi. This is not right guys. We can’t have someone holding everyone at ransom because Mutauri chose to accept his nonsense and acted without questioning those responsible for the said party.
Well, we all know that the guy is a proxy of Vene. My advice to you Musorobhangu is Musangano always want you when you are beneficial to them. When you reach your best-by date, you are a nonentity. No one cares about you. Ask our long gone friend- Cde Mwonzorewa. He played his part and it’s over so he is waiting to meet his maker in one way or another.
So, I am told one Vene aspiring MP had to disconnect his Wi-Fi after he lost his bid to represent the party in the just-ended general elections. I am not someone who is vindictive but some guys force me to do exactly that. The way you carry yourself in the community makes me want to say something about you.
Hanzi maWI-Fi aive paMajange and other surrounding areas we immediately disconnected after the results were announced. Lord have mercy! I am disappointed with you Honourable. Chete kamwe kakuva pompous kamunako so manga muchizviziva here kuti vanhu havakadi.
Zviriko futi izvozvo even in the other party we saw our first citizen being called back home. Hanzi dzoka uyamwe. The move left a lot of people divided with some saying she deserves it after she just ended up on the limelight despite her dismal showing in the previous votes in which she was later appeared victorious.
I am told she garnered the least votes than the other two but she still got a spot to contest and won and was allowed or was lucky to be propelled to that higher office by the powers that be. Unfortunately, the whole thing was short-lived after Musorobhangu recalled her. Until we meet again I say ADIOS.

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