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Of dry rivers and boreholes

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Of dry rivers and boreholes



Zvibhorani zvichapwa gore rino. Boreholes will run dry this year. Musazoti Sekuru Taurai havana kutitaurira. I will not want to hear you saying I did not warn you before it happened because it will. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Once forearmed you will be able to protect yourself. I am talking of water, the most precious liquid in the whole wide world. Talk of petrol, diesel, cooking oil, alcohol or any other liquid, no liquid will ever surpass water. They say humans are more than 60% water. No one can survive without drinking water. Just imagine how dirty we will all be if we did not take a bath or wash our clothes with water. What about the countless things that cannot be made without using water. The uses of water for humans and animals are inexhaustible.
However what I really want to tell you as a warning is that this year many boreholes and wells will dry up. Akuruma zheve ndowako. The one who warns you is your close ally. You see this year although normal to above normal rainfall was predicted by the weather people many areas did not get rain although to raise underground water to sustainable levels. Undoubtedly many of us are going to have good harvests but getting continuous adequate water will be a different story. The rain that dropped last season was not enough to fill up a lot of rivers and streams. Some have already dried up with the rest drying up in the not so distant future. Although our own chibhorani is still giving us some water the prediction is that it will dry up in a few months to come leaving us to scrounge for water especially in the months of July, August, September and October. The situation will be dire if we do not get enough rains in the next season. So as I trudge to the chibhorani to fetch the most precious liquid in the world I often wonder what we are going to do if it dries up. Don’t ask me for solutions, I don’t have any at the moment. Ndangoti saSekuru Taurai ndizvitaure zvisati zvaitika. Just wanted to talk about it.

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