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O Level results analysis: Mutsambiwa takes Silveira up

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O Level results analysis: Mutsambiwa takes Silveira up




MASVINGO – The Roman Catholic-run, Bikita based Silveira High School is quickly becoming a powerful academic powerhouse in Masvingo since the appointment of Stanley Mutsambiwa as the head five years ago.

Silveira has the best November 2021 Zimsec O Level results, according to an analysis seen by The Mirror.

The school notched a 96.90% pass rate with 30 of its students getting 5A’s and above. In the A levels results announced two weeks ago, Silveira was in second place after Pamushana but however, Pamushana fell to position five in the O level results released last week.

Silveira’s pass rate jumped from 95,2% the previous year.

On number two in respect of percentage pass rate is Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) run Chibi High with an 96,3%. Chibi however, has more students with 5As’ and above compared to Silveira. Chibi had 55 pupils in that category. Chibi’s results improved from 87,5% the previous year and it had 212 students who sat for exams. 

Mukaro High has the third best results as Roman Catholic Church run schools continue to dominate Masvingo province. Mukaro has a 94,2% pass rate which jumped from 92,93% in 2020. The school has 31 candidates with 5As and above.

St Anthony’s High is number four with a 93,47% pass rate and 34 students scoring 5A’s and above. The pass rate increased from 91,4% in 2020.

On number five is Pamushana with a 92,27% pass rate. The school however, remains with one of the highest figures for students with 5As’ and above as it is tied at 50 with Gokomere and second only to Chibi in that respect which has 55 candidates.

Serima is on number six with a 91,5% pass rate and behind it on number 7 is Gutu high with a 89.6% pass rate. Gutu High pass rate dropped from 94.3% in 2020.

Gokomere, the traditional academic powerhouse of the province and one of the best schools in the country dropped to position eight with an 89,5% pass rate and this was a drop compared to the 91,02% attained in 2020. However, the school still holds its head high as it is tied with Pamushana with 50 students scoring 5As’ and above. The school’s best students had 18As.

Zimuto is on position nine with a 78% pass rate and 26 students got 5A’s and above. Zimuto’s best student had 13As.

Ndarama High which traditionally became the best non-boarding school over the years maintained that luster but fell from the top five that had become its place to number 10 with a 77% passrate. Ndarama is the only day school in the province that managed to get into the top 15. The school has 25 pupils with 5As. Some 314 students set for the examinations. 

Alheit High is on number 11 with a 76,22% passrate and Berejena is on number 12 with a 73,30% pass rate. Berejena had two of its 116 students with 5A’s and above and the passrate increased from 52,87% in 2020. 

Rufaro High is on position 13 with a 65% passrate and four pupils scoring 5A’s and above. 

Mutero High is number 14 with a 57,4% passrate and four pupils got 5A’s and above. Mutero had 115 students and the passrate improved by 4% from 53.8% in 2020. 

Nyaningwe is on position 15 with a 50% passrate and three of its 122 students scored 5A’s each. Jichidza is on position 16 with a 45,45% passrate.  https://masvingomirror.com

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