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Nyatsime residents ordered to attend ED rally

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Nyatsime residents ordered to attend ED rally


ZANU PF councillor Masimbi Masimbi, who torched a heated controversy after declaring the Nyatsime area in Chitungwiza a ruling party territory, has ordered all residents in the area to attend a rally set to be addressed by President Mnangagwa on Wednesday.

Masimbi made headlines two weeks ago when he banned Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activists from mourning their murdered colleague Moreblessing Ali while wearing CCC party regalia claiming that the Nyatsime area was a Zanu PF territory.

The area was later turned into a battle field as CCC and Zanu PF supporters clashed.

In a Saturday evening audio sent on WhatsApp group “Regularise Nyatsime Trust 2”, Masimbi, who is ward 9 (Nyatsime) councillor, said he was targeting an attendance of 20 000

“I have come back again Nyatsime residents. I want to speak firmly on this issue. We are expecting the President on June 29.  We want to shock the nation by a high turnout as we welcome our President. We want to show him that we are behind him, we will vote for him. Five million votes will come from this area,” Masimbi said.

“We need to show him that we are his children and everyone needs title deeds. His visit and that of the whole province is a big blessing to the ward. That day, schools should close for people to go and welcome our President and prove that five million votes can come out of Nyatsime.”

This did not go down well with some residents in the group who said this kind of communication should have been done in a Zanu PF WhatsApp group.

“Comrade, why don’t you go to your party’s group. Respect that people in this group have different political affiliations,” said one of the group members.

Masimbi replied: “I did not speak politics, I said let’s go and welcome the country’s President and tell him our concerns which made this group to be created such as the issue of title deeds. That’s the main purpose of the group. Know that comrade.” Newsday

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