Nyaradzo Group sets pace in fight against COVID-19

Sets up 2 testing clinicsINTEGRATED financial services concern, Nyaradzo Group, has established two clinics in Harare and Ruwa where their staff are undergoing screening and testing for the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.Dr Taurai Chipamaunga who is leading the initiative for Nyaradzo said each clinic is capable of handling up to 50 tests daily, which means that the two centres can handle up to 700 tests per week. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to get a result.Dr Chipamaunga said having learnt from other countries that have succeeded in containing the pandemic, Nyaradzo decided to prioritize screening and testing, becoming the first company to do so locally.“Screening and testing are important facets in winning this war. Once we have identified those who are positive, we isolate them from everyone else to avoid spreading the disease while also giving ourselves time to do contact-tracing to contain its spread. A positive result is not the end of the world – it leads us to isolate the person and contact-trace and help those infected with the disease to pull through.Any suspected COVID-19 infections are referred to government for confirmation tests.“Our employees are appreciative of Nyaradzo’s efforts because they were being bombarded with all sorts of information, some of it inaccurate, especially from the social media. The awareness campaigns, which include our weekly bulletins, are also going on very well,” said Dr Chipamaunga adding that the health professionals will be going around Nyaradzo operating units to do the screening and testing.Dr Chipamaunga said government alone will not win the fight against Covid-19, adding that everyone must get on board.Gina Nyamanhindi, the group’s counsellor, said the outbreak has bred uncertainty and anxiety, which is not being helped by the avalanche of fake news. Through counselling, she said they have been able to fill in the information gaps and adequately equip their staff to enable them to deal with the situation at hand.“We have been going round our units, preparing our employees – psychologically – to go for screening and testing. Where our staff are working remotely, we utilise e-mails, phone calls etc to reach out to them with the information,” said Nyamanhindi.“We are taking a holistic approach in which testing is not the end but part of a process whereby we maintain contact with our staff thereafter so that they are adequately prepared to protect themselves when they go out there while also being able to deal with situations whenever they arise,” she added.Kuda Chanakira, the group’s human resource executive said Nyaradzo thought it wise to cater for the health needs of its staff as they confront the epidemic in the course of discharging their responsibilities.She said after engaging the Ministry of Health and Child Care, they were referred to an accredited supplier of testing kits, whom they are working with on this exercise.“Many a time, organisations forget to take care of the carers who, in our case, are the undertakers, morticians and consultants – among others. Since the outbreak, Nyaradzo has been raising awareness amongst stakeholders, who include our members of staff whom we have been providing protective clothing – face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers with.“We have now taken these initiatives to another level through screening and testing.  Should they test negative, we want them to continue taking good care of themselves. In the event that they test positive, we immediately isolate them while awaiting results from samples taken to a government laboratory for confirmation tests. Thereafter, the authorities can step in,” said Chanakira.//Ends https://masvingomirror.com

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