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Nyaradzo goes Digital

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Nyaradzo goes Digital


Nyaradzo has been growing its footprint with a regional and global expansion drive. This has led to offices launched in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The Sahwira International Plan (SIP) launch in 2018 has seen Nyaradzo servicing clients in 132 countries worldwide. One can imagine the issues that this brings to customer service. Different time zones alone present an enormous challenge to maintaining quality customer service.

As the world grows more digital, legacy systems in the insurance industry are changing. Customers may now obtain information fast and are not kept in the dark. They expect to be able to search for plans online, read reviews, compare the offerings of various insurance companies, and even self-service their policies.

To exceed customer expectations and create a world-class customer experience, Nyaradzo has turned to technology and integrated it into our business strategy. As a result, the Sahwira Connect Card, online self-service portals, and the Sahwira WhatsApp chatbot have been introduced.

Sahwira Connect Card

The Sahwira Connect Card is the easiest and most convenient way to receive funeral grocery allowance. It reduces delays and allows our clients to get grocery allowance to utilize during the funeral, regardless of whether it is a holiday or weekend.

A policyholder who has suffered a bereavement is given the Sahwira Connect Card to advance the processing of cash distributions. It is a policy-based system wherein the money is transferred to the recipient’s account instantaneously. This shortened payment processing time will ensure that these funds are used during the funeral.

This is an innovative technique to ensure that customers receive their money on time, unlike traditional bank transfers, which often take two to three days to reach the account. Money should be the last thing on your mind after losing a loved one. Make round-the-clock payments with a single swipe of the Sahwira Connect Card.

The card is constantly being improved to make it better and more favorable for the policyholder. It can be used for deposits and cash withdrawals, although the amount is limited. We intend to change the traditional mag stripe card to one with a smart chip in the future, allowing a safer and more reliable banking and shopping experience. We also want to create a USD account for the Sahwira connect card so that people who pay their premiums in USD can also receive their grocery allowance in USD; if they want to.

Nyaradzo has showcased that insurance firms can empower their customers in a way that inspires loyalty and advocacy by taking an innovative approach to customer service that establishes a relationship between provider and policyholder.

Sahwi Chatbot: Empowering Nyaradzo Policyholders

With ancient, complex systems, it is difficult to imagine these expectations being satisfied. Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company has implemented the Sahwi Whatsapp Chatbot to enhance customer experience and bridge this gap. A chatbot is a computer software that communicates with clients by imitating human interaction via voice commands, text dialogues, or a combination of the two.

For Nyaradzo policyholders, Sahwi is a welcome development, as it expands office hours around the clock and can obtain the proper answers and quotes instantly. “Customers expect smooth, on-demand services and a more personalized experience,” says Nyaradzo Group Corporate Communications Officer Prudence Muganiwah. “They have far too many options to choose from, thanks to increased competition in the insurance market. They will quickly switch to competitors if we fail to meet their expectations.”

Traditional customer outreach methods, like websites and applications, use “computer language” forcing customers to browse menus and displays and enter data using instructions and clicks. Across the board, the benchmark for a new age in customer care is being set, and the life insurance business is no exception. Nyaradzo is on the cutting edge of new processes and technology, and as consumers become accustomed to quick, personalized service, expectations in other industries are rising.

Nyaradzo policyholders benefit significantly from the chatbot as Sahwi is readily available on WhatsApp and provides quotes and responds to queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Internally, it aids in the processing of new claims. Clients today demand the same level of service from their insurance providers as they do from anybody else; they want to be able to communicate with a company through the channel of their choice, just as they would with anyone else.

Sahwira Online Portal

The Sahwira self-service portal is a software solution dedicated to automating Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company processes and simplifying the way policyholders obtain insurance services such as policy data, plan type, life covered, balance statement, and much more. Customers can use the self-service web portal to check vital information about their insurance plans and update their personal information.

The online portal’s primary purpose is to create a personalized client experience while also enriching engagement channels for customer acquisition. Using self-service portals and other digital channels, the business is able to provide a new approach to insurance services.

Policyholders might gain various advantages by enrolling with the portal. For starters, the service is available for remote access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The portal delivers ongoing client help regardless of the policyholder’s time or location. Working hours or office location may no longer be a deciding factor if convenient access is given over the web.

Second, the portal helps to speed up the claim approval procedure. One of the technology’s most outstanding characteristics is its ability to provide clients with a transparent claim management procedure. With progress bars and real-time notifications, the system can provide

information about each stage of the approval process. It will remove any confusion that clients may have during the claim approval procedure.

Furthermore, the self-service portal allows for the analysis of consumer behaviors and, as a result, the creation of more customised products for policyholders. Users can access the self- service portal via the Nyaradzo Group website or at https://selfservice.nyaradzo.co.zw/.

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