Nyanga tears married Masvingo women

Hello, guys how was the week treating you? As for me, I spent the best part of the week lying under the oldest gumtree in this ancient city. Pardon me guys but it was scorching hot. I couldn’t stand the heat.
Anyway, hapana akazara Guzuzu here? I give Nuff respect to Baba Harare for representing the people of Masvingo in Harare. Ehee zve those guys think they are clever but Baba Harare invaded their space took their name and named himself Baba Harare. He even took over their genre. Ndovarikurira when it comes to Jit music at the moment. Baba Harare musadaro. Big up man!
Speaking of invading private space reminds me of private spaces inviting invaders to invade the private space. Huu-uuu? What did I just say? Private spaces. What does that suppose to mean? They are no longer private spaces atova madhayo epama open spaces aya. Ndoo anongonzi zinyawada watsasva bhiza repahofisi. Matoothpicks mumarelationships hakuchina wena.
So Hoth was minding his business as usual until these bad guys started chin-wagging about Nyanga expeditions and I was like what? Are these escapades safe? I am told women in Masvingo are now arranging outings to the mountainous area popularly known for its panoramic view, just for amusement. What’s bad about that?
Of course, nothing until those trips start producing porn stars who will leave porn actors at the world’s leading Canadian-owned internet pornography website Pornhub, and other sites like the Paris-based XVideos and XNXX drooling with envy.
I am told if you are a married man and you are so naïve to let your woman join the team to that trip you will be inviting trouble for yourself because you will never know the size of the Nyanga that will tear into your partner’s miserable forbidden fruit. I don’t want to imagine the elephant’s destroying your wife’s anthill.
HOTH had it on good authority that mai Madzi…like most married women begged her hubby to join the purezha drummies to Nyanga. Ko baba nhiya taizivei hedu. She was immediately granted permission, and off to Mount Inyani, she went.
Little did the hubby know that some vultures were already filling gas in their Gas guzzlers, buying sex-enhancing pills and Muchemedza mbuya, warming up for a session with Mai Madzi. Kurodza Nyanga wena. Asi varume musazodaro so? I have never seen Mai Madzi hangu but I am told she is beautiful and irresistible. (Elle est belle et degage un irresitable). French is a beautiful and sexy language zvayo. LMAO!!! Seka hako Chasura iwe.
Ko denga zvaringori neNyasha wani. Asi vangagodii havo? They were invited into the private space. Zvokwadi kwahi musi wacho rakavaburusasike kuNyanga uko kusvika Nyanga dzagomara. The private space or part was literally torn.
I reliably informed that the men did it professionally that Mai Madzi couldn’t let him go so on the return trip she joined him in his jalopy. Let’s call him Dicken or Dick. That led others who initially came with her to suspect the two were up to monkeyshines. It’s obvious, one of them snitched and the cat could not stay in the bag for long.
Todiiko nhai nevanhu veMasvingo. By the way, what did they say about Zinara, Zinawa Zimra? Whatever the case, but the word is just like any other meaningless acronym. We all know that the truncation is sickening as usual.
So when the hubby got wind of what transpired between his wife and Dick. I not trying to be naughty guys. That’s his real name although it explains mabasa ake erima. What I know anogona kutsotsa hake zvinhu zvavanhu hake kkkk. I am told the guy was devasted when he got the wind that someone was conning his spouse’s beans. Toita sei nevanhu Masvingo nhai veduwee.
Anyway, kutamba hakubvaruki so, until I catch you on the rebound, Let’s meet on another instalment of a mouthwatering piece. I am out of here. Au revoir!

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