No sex since 2003 as hub fakes erectile problems

Elizabeth Mashiri

Midlands Bureau
Gweru – A prominent Zvishavane trade unionist Courage Zhou banished his wife to the rural areas for 17 years after lying to her that he no longer gets an erection because of a chronic illness that afflicted him.

The wife was shocked to discover in court that Zhou was living a normal sex life with his small house in Maglass and to add salt to an injury he was dragged to court on a case of having sex with a minor after having a love affair with the small house’s 15-year-old daughter and sleeping with her on numerous occasions. The wife who was brought as a witness to support her husband’s case told Gweru Magistrate Phatekile Msipa that the latter could not have had sex with the complainant because he suffered an erectile dysfunction since 2003. She said she last had sex with the accused 17 years ago because of the chronic problem.

Monica Zhou was shocked when Prosecutor Talent Tadenyika brought evidence that Zhou earlier on voluntarily admitted that he was in love with the complainant’s mother and they have normal sex. The complainants mother also said the same in court.

Zhou looked shattered and the confidence she exhibited while making her testimony in court waned. She was almost close to tears as the prosecutor brought the evidence home one jab after another.
The courtroom could feel the tension of the moment as Zhou stammered, mumbled and sometimes got lost in the midst of her presentation.

“Is it your evidence that you have been married to the accused for 28 years and that since 2003 you have not been having sex because his manhood is not functional?

“What if l tell you that your husband has given evidence in chief that he has been having an affair with the complainant’s mother since 2003 and now he claims his private part stopped working because he is trying to deny charges against him?” asked Tadenyika.

Zhou said everything the prosecutor was saying was news to her hence she was not in position to dispute charges leveled against her husband.

It is the State case that sometimes in 2019 the accused was having an affair with his small house’s daughter. The two engaged in sexual activities on many occasions to an extent that the minor would stop by the accused’s place at around 5am for sexual intercourse before proceeding to school.

This was possible because the accused’s wife stayed in the rural areas. Sometimes the complainant went to the accused’s office in Maglass where they had it behind a locked door. The accused was given between 2Bond and 5Bond after sex. The matter only came to light when the complainant’s mother was tipped of the relationship. The accused argued in court that the complainant’s mother was trying to fix him because he no longer supported her financially.

The accused also claims that other Trade Unionists in Zvishavane could be the ones framing him.

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