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‘No room for gossip pedlars in Zanu PF’


‘No room for gossip pedlars in Zanu PF’


ZANU PF executive for Mashonaland East Province is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the ruling party remains strong ahead of the by-elections slated for March 26 this year and the 2023 general elections.

Over the weekend, the party held a Provincial Executive Council (PEC) meeting at the Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial headquarters in Marondera where the executive discussed various issues to do with the pending elections.

Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman, Cde Daniel Garwe, who presided over the meeting, challenged Zanu PF members to shun gossip and anything that did not add value to the people’s party.

“I plead with you to shun gossip. Gossip creates hatred, it does not add any value to the party. We should be disciplined and united as a province. We should be careful of malcontents who wish to fight the party from within. Social media abuse should not be tolerated and action to close some social media groups that do not benefit the party should be implemented.

“The President, Dr ED Mnangagwa, says zero tolerance to corruption and we should also follow suit as a province. A systematic and clinical approach to deal with land issues to the youths is on the cards.

“As Mashonaland East Province we do not want any form of corruption at any level. We must fight it. Let us not tolerate it. Not only in Zanu PF, but in the whole country. Let us help our President in this fight. Let us move forward as a united front. Let us also work hard towards mobilising more than 5 million votes.

The province’s secretary for administration, Cde Felix Mhona, said effective systems should be put in place to ensure the party achieves 5 million votes.

“Every department has to do its work, everyone is important to Zanu PF and we should get to work. The New Dispensation is result-oriented and action-based. We should also see how best the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development can also work in line with Vision 2030 and be effective on the ground for Dr ED Mnangagwa is an action-oriented person.”

Cde Tinoda Machakaire, the provincial political commissar, said there was no room for double standards in the party.

“We will not tolerate those who work against the party. We cannot have distorted databases or cells. We do not see it fair for the party if people create cells for personal gain.

“Zanu PF will work 24 hours to make sure we have clean cells that benefit the party so that we achieve 5 million votes for the President and the party.”

On her part, Cde Aplonia Munzverengwi, the provincial Women’s League chairwoman, said the league is ready to be deployed anywhere in the province.

“The women’s league is ready to work and to be deployed anywhere in the province. We need to take account of what every woman is doing and where they are. Women have the greatest number and we shall work flat out in contributing to the 5 million votes.”

Cde Erick Samunda, chairman of the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle (VLS) wing, said a clear roadmap towards attaining 5 million votes was in place and in motion.

“Synchronisation of the current roadmap with other wings is imperative so that we win the upcoming by-elections.”

Cde Isaac Tasikani said the youth league had already started working and is willing to learn and be guided for the benefit of Zanu PF.

“Youths are ready to learn and be deployed. Work should be done to reduce drug abuse to the youths and work towards achieving the 5 million votes.” Herald.


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