No new cars for Chiredzi Council bosses-residents declare


CHIREDZI – Chiredzi residents have vehemently rejected council proposal to buy three new vehicles for senior officials valued at RTGS$20m in the 2021 budget.
The residents warned council that its coffers are going to run dry if the local authority persists on buying the vehicles because residents will immediately stop paying rates.
United Chiredzi Residents and Rate Payers Association (UCHIRRA) advocacy officer Bernard Dachi told a budget consultative meeting held in the lowveld town that residents will not entertain the idea of new vehicles for senior officials.
He said the proposed budget as it stood ignored the plight of the residents and sustained the lofty lifestyles of council officials. He said council must as of now prioritise on service delivery to residents
Chiredzi Town Secretary Charles Muchatukwa told The Mirror that council is going to consider residents’ input when they review the proposed budget.
In the budget, council proposed to buy vehicles for the council chairman, secretary, housing director vehicles at a cost of $4, 5m $8 2m $6, 7m respectively.
The chairman is Gibson Hwende, secretary Charles Muchatukwa and housing director Emily Paradza.
“We are seriously opposed to the acquisition of new vehicles in the face of the current economic situation. This is a waste of resources. If officials go ahead and buy the cars then they are digging their own grave because that’s the last they will get revenue from rate payers,’’ said Dachi.
Dachi also called for the scrapping of the council policy where vehicles are disposed of to senior officials every five years at book value.
Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association (CHRRA) chairperson, Jonathan Muusha also said vehicles should only be purchased after the condition that senior managers get them after five years is scrapped.
‘’We have no problems with the purchasing of vehicles but at least council should revise its policy. We want the duration of five years before a car is disposed of to be stretched to seven years and after that the vehicle should be auctioned,’’ said Mupamombe.
“We will consider all your inputs and see what we can do when we review the proposed budget,’’ said Muchatukwa at the meeting.

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