No full council meetings at Buhera RDC since December

BUHERA – Residents of Buhera have expressed concern that their local authority has not held full council meetings since December 2020.
Buhera RDC also held just one meeting throughout 2020.
Although there have been constraints to full general meetings due to Covid19, all local authorities that The Mirror has spoken to have held one or two full council in the first four months of this year.
Cabinet and Parliament which are far bigger entities are holding meetings despite the threat of Covid19.
Birchenough Bridge Residents Association chairman Tandanai Hayisi said the ministry of local government should send external auditors to Buhera Rural District Council to investigate the public institution.
“We tend to see that they are trying to avoid meeting ratepayers because the house is not in order. Even in WhatsApp groups where we highlight some issues, the councillors do not answer.
“I think the ministry should send auditors. We smell a rat,” said Hayisa.
Murambinda Residents Association chairman James Chadzimura also raised the same concern saying he was not invited to the only full council meeting held in 2020.
“I was not invited to that meeting which was held in December last year. As a matter of fact, ever since I was elected chairman for Murambinda residents I never attended a full council meeting,” said Chadzimura.
Efforts to get a comment from the chief executive Officer, Emily Chibvongodze were futile.
However, council chairman Ngoni Musakaruka confirmed the matter and blamed it on Covid-19.
“Full council meetings are usually held in response to what committees would have done. Most activities were disrupted by covid-19, that is why we have not held any full council meeting this year,” said Musakaruka.
A councillor who however requested anonymity accused council for deliberately putting meetings on hold in a bid to sweep under the carpet contentious issues at the local authority.
“There are a lot of urgent issues at council and some people are buying time hiding behind Covid19. Ratepayers are eagerly waiting for a full council meeting so that issues to do with incompetence and rampant suspension of employees are solved.

“Council is deliberately delaying public meetings to avoid confrontation with ratepayers and councillors,” he said.
Buhera District Development Co-ordinator Freeman Mavhiza was not available for comment as his phone went unanswered.

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