No dates for Gweru 2022 budget consultations yet

GWERU – Gweru City Council is yet to announce dates for the 2022 budget consultations, the local authority’s public relations manager Vimbai Chingwaramusee has said.
She told The Mirror in an interview that council officials are still tied up with other business.
“Council officials are still tied with other business, we will turn to the 2022 budget once they are free from that,” she said.
The Mirror is told that the local authority managed to collect only 30% of its 2021 budget and this was mainly attributed to Covid lockdowns.
The City’s 2021 budget stood at $2, 9 billion.
Chingwaramusee said the 2022 budget will be proposed in RTGS as it is the local currency stipulated by Statutory Instrument (SI) 185 of 2020.
Gweru United Progressive Residents and Ratepayers Association Trust executive director David Chikore however, urged the local authority to start consultations early so that the budget making process will not be rushed.
“Council must start the budget early and give the process enough time. The danger is that figures will be cooked if we start at the last minute,” said,” Chikore.

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