No burial space for Chachacha as villagers invade cemetery


Chachacha – The dead have no space at Chachacha Growth Point after villagers connived and settled in an area reserved for a cemetery.

The matter came up in a heated debate at Chachacha Growth Point during a budget consultation meeting.

The meeting was told that after Tongogara Rural District Council made its plan known that the piece of land had been set aside for the cemetery, villages connived and formed a location called Mahunyengerana and settled in the place reserved for the dead.

The villagers claimed that the piece of land belonged to their ancestors. It is believed that the villagers also moved in to target compensation which the State usually gives to people that it evicts.

The matter has been running since 2010.

Acting CEO Pineal Chiguvaire told The Mirror that council is going to evict the illegal settlers.

“People from Marira Village invaded State land claiming it belonged to their ancestors. They set up a settlement called Mahunyengerana. Let them be warned that we are coming after them, council will evict them. Chachacha business centre is growing fast but we are sometimes delayed by people who don’t co-operate,” said Chiguvaire.

Daniel Thandeka said residents were incurring huge costs to go and bury their loved ones in their rural homes because there is no burial place at Chachacha.

Business community chairperson loyalty Mahhonga advised the council to fins another burial place.

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