Nightmare for Chipinge woman as child goes 3 months without epilepsy tablets


CHIPINGE – A Chipinge woman is troubled after her daughter has gone for three months without getting her epilepsy tablets.

The 16-year-old girl dropped from school because she has convulsions every day and they come with immense pain, said Mwanaka Mlambo, the mother of the daughter.

Mlambo has a letter from the Department of Social Welfare to get the tablets from hospital for free but there has been no supplies. She said that the tablets cost a leg and an arm in private pharmacies.

Mlambo lives in Ngaone under Headman Shotyami.

She told Chipinge Times that her daughter’s condition is worsening each day that passes without her taking the tablets.

“I was given a letter from the Department of Social Welfare to access the tablets from Government controlled hospitals, however the situation is deteriorating for the past three months after I failed to secure the medication from hospitals,” said Mlambo.

‘I fear for my daughter as she goes through severe pain each day. I have resorted to traditional healers and churches but to no avail,” said Mlambo.

Well-wishers can contact Mlambo on 0773 769 808.

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