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New town sec lays out 5-year-plan for Chiredzi

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New town sec lays out 5-year-plan for Chiredzi


• Municipal status by 2025

•Partnership with IBDZ to expand water supply

•Phase out all earth roads and replace them with all weather roads

•Rehabilitate, overhaul, mordenise infrastructure

•Build more schools and healthcare facilties



CHIREDZI – The newly appointed Chiredzi Town secretary, Engineer Wesley Kauma has laid out his vision and said the lowveld town must achieve municipal status by 2025.

He said that the town must also see comprehensive development in the next five years.

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Engineer Kauma said water supply must be expanded in partnership with the Industrial Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IBDZ) to cater for population growth into the future, earth roads must be changed to all weather roads and infrastructure must be overhauled and modernized to meet enhance development.

He noted the inadequacy of education and health care facilities and said that this would be a priority.

“My vision is to spearhead comprehensive development for Chiredzi for the next 5 years and this must be aligned to the objectives of elevating Chiredzi into a municipality by 2025 which is also a vision 2030 goal.

“The key challenges the town faces include water challenges, inadequate infrastructure, limited healthcare and educational facilities. We are faced with economic stagnation and other social issues.

“We have a very pressing need for adequate water supply. I will prioritize the expansion of existing waterworks and construct a new 22 Ml/d water treatment plant along Chiredzi River. To facilitate this, we will establish a strategic partnership with the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ).

“This infrastructure will not only address the immediate water challenges but also provide a foundation for future population growth and economic development,” said Kauma.

Tshovani bus rank will be rehabilitated to improve hygiene and create a comfortable environment for commuters.

He also said that council will also construct more schools and more clinics to cater for the growing population.

“Recognizing the importance of education and healthcare, we will invest in expanding educational facilities and establishing additional schools to cater to the growing population and we will improve healthcare services by constructing new clinics and upgrading existing facilities,” said Kauma.

Kauma also said that his vision is also to enhance revenue collection by implementing efficient billing system.

Meanwhile Kauma has already started moving towards his vision as he has included the construction of a clinic at Makondo in the 2024 buget and construction of a primary school to fulfill his vision of improving healthcare and education.

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