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New MPs set for swearing in

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New MPs set for swearing in


Newly elected 28 Members of Parliament are expected to be sworn in today in the National Assembly after their electoral victory in the recently held March 26 2022 by- elections.

Clerk of Parliament, Mr Kennedy Chokuda will administer the oath of their affirmation to the Constitution and laws of the country in accordance with the supreme law.

Their coming to Parliament will see Zanu-PF increasing their seats after it snatched two seats from the opposition, something that will see the revolutionary party consolidating its two thirds majority.

But there will be no joy for the bulk of CCC returning Members of Parliament as they will not be entitled to vehicles under the Parliamentary Vehicle Loan Scheme since they had already taken delivery of their share when they became legislators under MDC-Alliance banner.

This means all the MPs from CCC except newly elected Kwekwe Central MP, Ms Judith Tobaiwa and Glen View North MP Mr Fani Munengami will not be entitled to a vehicle from Parliament.Ms Tobaiwa is coming to Parliament for the first time after landing Kwekwe Central constituency which was previously held by the National Patriotic Front Masango Matambanadzo who died in 2020.

Mr Munengami, who represented the constituency from 2008 to 2018 is making a second coming to Parliament after he lost during primary elections to represent the party in 2018 harmonised elections.

There has been anxiety and excitement from the returning CCC legislators who were arguing that they were set to get new vehicles given that they were coming back under a different name from MDC-Alliance. Legislators from CCC were excited by the prospect of them landing another vehicle given that they were returning to Parliament under a different party name.

This was after they were recalled by the MDC- Alliance led by Mr Douglas Mwonzora who invoked the Constitution which allow a sponsoring political party to recall a legislator or councillor who would have ceased to represent it in Parliament or in a local authority.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Chokuda said only those who are coming to Parliament for the first time will be given the Ford Ranger vehicles that Parliament gives out to MPs to facilitate that they travel the length and breadth of their constituencies while carrying out their work.

“The law is very clear. It says that an MP is entitled to one vehicle per five years. So five years have not yet lapsed and they did not return the vehicles that they got when they came to Parliament in 2018. Only those MPs who have not been in Parliament for the past five years will be entitled to a vehicle from Parliament,” said Mr Chokuda.

The CCC went into the by-election hoping to retain all the 21 seats that they won during the 2018 harmonised election but lost two to Zanu PF, in a show of incremental gain being registered by the revolutionary party in urban areas, hitherto touted as opposition stronghold.

Zanu PF not only regained its seats but went on to snatch two seats that were held by the opposition thus increasing its foothold in Parliament.

The two seats are Epworth and Mutasa South previously held by Mr Earthrage Kureva and Regai Tsunga respectively from the opposition as the Second Republic’s policies appear to be hitting the mark ahead of next year’s general elections.

Zanu PF retained its seats in Gokwe Central, Chivi South, Mberengwa South, Murehwa South, Marondera East, Mwenezi East and Tsholotsho North, while the opposition won in urban areas. Herald.

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