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New blood, only hope for Zim – Senior Catholic Priest


New blood, only hope for Zim – Senior Catholic Priest


Mirror Reporter

BIKITA – New blood with better values and a different way of leadership is the only hope that this country has if it is to move forward, a senior Catholic priest and Vicar General for Masvingo Diocese, Fr Walter Nyatsanza has said.
He accused the country’s leadership of pilfering national resources and wondered why no one has up to now explained how the US$15 billion proceeds from diamonds that the late President Robert Mugabe alluded to have vanished.
He said good leadership is one that distributes wealth fairly among its people and declared that the current generation of leadership has failed in this area and many others including that of ensuring that justice is for all.

“Our generation of leadership has failed. You should hold no more hope in us. We are here to wait to die and be buried. Our hope is in young leadership which will do things differently from us,” said Fr Nyatsanza.
Fr Nyatsanza said this when he addressed teachers and students at a mass to celebrate Silveira High School’s outstanding Zimsec ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level results on Tuesday. Silveira is a Roman catholic run school.
He said that the Catholic Church’s mission is to mould youth into good citizens and good leaders and wondered why the State is always at loggerheads with the Catholic Commission for Justice (CCJP).
He explained that CCJP was the church’s arm that stands for human rights, justice and peace and vowed that the organisation will never relent in its mission to raise alarm against violations.

“Our hope is in you the youth to become good citizens, so that when you distribute the wealth of the country, it goes to all citizens and not just one or two people.
“For a leadership to just tell us that US$15 billion vanished is unacceptable. The purpose of the Catholic Church is to mould good citizens in you the youth. You have become our only hope.
“The old no longer has much at stake. You should not expect much from us. We are just waiting to die and be buried.
“I therefore appeal to you to apply the good character and the good conscience that we give you when you become leaders. You should not do what we have been doing but do what is right.

“You are our only hope because as it is we have no hope in the current generation of leaders,” said Fr Nyatsanza.
The mass was attended by the church’s head in Masvingo, Bishop Michael Dixon Bhasera.https://masvingomirror.com

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