New 24 hour-state of the art hospital opens in Masvingo


MASVINGO – A new state of the art medical centre with 13 beds is opening its doors to the public in Masvingo tomorrow (Friday 31 January, 2020).
The clinic which is called Masvingo 24 Medical Centre is in a quiet place in the upmarket suburb of Zimre Park at number 27278 just behind the new Roman Catholic Cathedral off Bulawayo Road.
The center is run by the Jachi Family of Zaka and it has spacious parking space both inside and outside its security wall and the driveway is painted pitch green.
A spokesperson for the unit said that the clinic is registered for four basic services; maternity with two delivery beds, doctors’ consultancy with two doctors consulting rooms, admissions with 10 beds and an emergency services which is 24 hours.
Masvingo 24- hour Medical centre has modern equipment including high dependency beds and fluid giving pumps to substitute human effort in administering fluids to patients.
Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with key players like Masvingo General Hospital, ambulance services providers, and medical aid societies.
All the wards are private, there is no patient who shares a room.
The centre will have five doctors and five nurses and the recruitment process for all sraff including doctors has just begun.
Asked why open a health centre in Masvingo, one of the Jachi family members said that the family hails from Zaka and the project is a way of giving back to their community. He said that the opening of the hospital is also in response to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe is open for business policy.
“Some of our family members have been abroad in Australia for up to 22 years and we came back in response to President Mnangagwa’s call to citizens to build their country by making investments. We are grateful to the President for his policy and here we are, making these investments,” said one family member.
“We have ECG machines guaranteed to every patient at the hospital. The hospital is a one stop shop,” said the spokesperson.
The investors faced one major hitch as some residents resisted the change in land use from residential to a health services centre.
“We are thankful to the Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira for his efforts to ensure that we overcame this obstacle. We are also grateful to Masvingo Provincial Hospital for its support and we look up to revered senior medical practitioners like Dr Phinias Makurira to give us guidance,” said the spokesperson.

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