NetOne lines arrive for lockdown funds disbursements

Masvingo District Development Coordinator Roy Hove


MASVINGO-NetOne lines being used for the disbursement of Government funds meant to cushion the vulnerable and small to medium entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 lockdown period have arrived in Masvingo.
The lines arrived in Masvingo sometime last week, Masvingo district development coordinator Roy Hove told The Mirror although he could not give the exact figure.
“I can confirm that the NetOne lines arrived sometime last week, contact me tomorrow morning for the exact number and the date they arrived,” said Hove without elaborating.
A source who told The Mirror on condition of anonymity said they were gathered at the Chiefs Hall where the lines were being sorted according to names and area where traders operate from.
“We had a meeting of all the team leaders from Chitima and Leopold Takawira and the leader of Chamber of SMEs in Masvingo from9am until 11am. We then started sorting out the lines using the names written on the line matching it with the registered name and area where one operates from.
“It is so chaotic such that it is difficult for one to select 30 names per day as they are mixed up yet there are thousands of people who registered,” said the source.
The source revealed that after one gets his or her line one proceeds to NetOne offices with a photocopy of an ID for registration of the line and the money automatically reflects in the OneMoney wallet.
The first batch of beneficiaries is set to get their lines tomorrow and the process will continue until all the lines have been issued out to their owners.
In early April this year during the first 21 days of lockdown the Government announced that they set aside RTGS$600 million to cushion SMEs and vulnerable groups in society where each individual was promised RTGS$200.
Recently the Minister of Public Service and Social Welfare, Prof Paul Mavima said they have reviewed the figure to RTGS$300 in view of the runaway inflation in the country although the money is yet to be distributed.

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