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NetOne donates Christmas donations to Zimcare Trust

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NetOne donates Christmas donations to Zimcare Trust




HARARE-NetOne Zimbabwe has donated Christmas donations to Zimcare Trust Zambuko in form of groceries.

The donations were done at Zambuko Trust centre in Harare on Wednesday last week.

They donated groceries which is worthy more than US$1000 which includes cooking oil, rice, sugar, tissues, cerevita, to mention but a few.

The NetOne Chief Executive Officer, Raphel Mushanawani confirmed the donations to the Mirror and said that they are a network that cares.

“As we approach the festive season, NetOne is dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to Zimcare Trust Zambuko centre, we have decided to collaborate in providing end-of-year Christmas groceries to the centre,”

“This endeavour aims to bring joy and comfort to the children and staff, creating lasting memories during this celebratory time,” said Mushanawani.

He further extended that their aim is to empower these special individuals.

“By standing shoulder to shoulder with Zimcare Trust Zambuko Centre, we aim to foster inclusive growth and empower these special individuals to realize their full potential, through innovative digital solutions, we seek to extend the reach of our support, providing opportunities and amplifying their voices,” he said.

The Zimcare Trust Zambuko centre serves a noble purpose by providing a nurturing environment to mentally challenged orphans and vulnerable.

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