Ndhlukula establishes 100-pupil library in rural Gutu

MASVINGO – Dr Divine Simbi Ndhlukula, a successful farmer and businesswoman has established a 100-seater library at Makudo Business Center in Gutu which will be officially opened on November 6, 2021.
The library will also introduce computers to the rural students, The Mirror has been told.
The Mary Simbi Library (named after Divine’s mother) is a project of the Divine Simbi Ndhlukula Foundation and it will serve five primary and secondary schools in the area whose pass rates have been low over the years.
Some of the schools don’t have adequate textbooks.
The schools that are going to benefit from the library are Firomumwe Primary and Secondary schools, Chitsa High School, Zvinavashe, Mondo and Machingambi Primary Schools.
The foundation’s spokesperson who declined to be named confirmed the developments in an interview with The Mirror.
She said that Divine who is the daughter of the late prominent Gutu businessman, Piniel Simbi established the library by refurbishing her late father’s shop at Makudo into a library. Ndhlukula has also been offering bursaries to children in the area.
The poor pass rates have been exacerbated by the high staff turnover at the schools in the area. Teachers are concerned with the poor roads, lack of water and electricity at their stations.
Dr Ndhlukula has been working with community stakeholders that include Chief Chitsa, schools’ leadership, the local council and other community leaders in the area.
“The library has a capacity to hold 100 students at any given time but due to Covid-19 we will begin with 50 pupils.
“We conducted a baseline survey which showed that pass rates have dramatically dropped over the past few years, and it was attributed to shortage of books, for the pupils and their teachers, as well as Covid19” said the spokesperson.
Renowned poet Chirikure Chirikure recently refurbished a family shop at Nemashakwe Business Centre into a digital library using a US$15 000 grant from African Publishing Innovation Fund (APIF).

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