Ndarama parents pull fees down to US$80

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MASVINGO – Parents at Ndarama High School have dismissed school fees proposal of US$158 and settled at US$80 a term.

The parents also accused their new School Development Association (SDA) executive led by Enesia Chekacheke elected in July this year of ineptitude after it proposed a new budget without auditing books of a previous executive accused of corruption.

The meeting was heated as issues over the deposed executive led by Ray Muzenda kept cropping up.

The new treasurer Petezake Zinduku said the fees had to be pegged high because the school had a lot of debts including a huge loan taken when a laboratory was built, a US$ 29 000 BSPZ affiliation debt, ZWL $10 million for water owed to Masvingo City Council and ZWL $1.7 million owed to the workers.

A disgruntled parent Farai Kurevawabva accused the committee of poor performance as it is failing to fulfil a key task given it to carry out an audit.

“You have failed us as a committee, instead of pushing for an audit you only closed the BancABC account and now we are forced to pay debts of the past administration which was corrupt,” said Kurevawabva.

Chekacheke urged parents to put aside differences and refocus on the school and the welfare of the children.

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