National Parks woes: Gutu family stuck with a python for 3 days

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Gutu – Government Departments including the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) have such serious transport woes that a Gutu family is stuck with a python in its fowl-run because no one is coming to collect the reptile.

The python has been in Simbarashe Mawere’s fowl run at Mahlongo Village under Chief Mawere in Gutu for the past three days. It was discovered on Saturday morning after it devoured two turkeys and two chicken.

The Mirror visited the village yesterday and Chief Mawere expressed desperation at the situation. He said that pythons are not supposed to be killed but collected by the ZimParks.

“If you kill a python you got to jail but we have been calling ZimParks to come and collect the snake for the last three days without any success.

“They told us that they have no vehicles. We offered them a car provided they can get fuel but they said they did not have fuel either. What we know is that these people get lots of fuel coupons from the State. I can only suspect that they are abusing those coupons and converting them to personal use.

“We also suggested that they take their problem to the Minister of State for Masvingo Ezra Chadzamira because the family here and the whole village are living in a state of fear.

“Another ZimParks official actually told us to collect the snake and throw it in a mountain but we are not trained to handle snakes and even if we did the snake will still come back,” said Chief Mawere.

He said that villagers were spending the whole night guarding the python. He said there were fears that it will cause more problems in the community if it escaped.

“The python can be very dangerous particularly if it sees dogs. It can also attack people. Children particularly at Simbarashe’s homestead are traumatized by the snake

“We also called Gutu Rural District Council and we were told that the vehicles are at Rasa Hills in Gutu East where council workers are hunting down marauding hyenas.

“We are supposed to get protection from ZimParks. What is their duty if they cannot do this?” asked Chief Mawere.

Efforts to get a comment from ZimParks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo were futile.

Gutu RDC CEO Alexander Mtembwa said they are trying to engage ZimParks to establish how they can assist the family.

“We are trying to engage ZimParks over the matter but the officials seem to be tired up in other areas at the moment,” said Mtembwa.

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