Mystery surrounds ‘midnight’ burial of a Chipinge woman


CHIPINGE – Mystery surrounds the night burial of Talent Sigauke (21) of Village Hanganyi in Ward 6A in Chipinge last week on Sunday after her mother and relatives were chased away by her husband’s relatives.
It is taboo in African culture to carry out burials at night.

Villagers who spoke to Chipinge Times in interviews speculated that Sigauke could have died after one of her many fights with her husband Moses Mtisi.

Officer commanding Chipinge District Kennedy Nyaumwe said Police has not received a report over the matter.
Sigauke’s mother, Susan Antonio told Chipinge Times that her daughter died in South Africa in June.
There are allegations that the woman could have been assaulted and killed by her husband as they frequently had squabbles.

Ward 6A councilor Phineas Muzamana confirmed the mysterious burial and urged Police and traditional leaders to look into the matter.

“It is true that the deceased was buried at night but this is taboo in our African culture. This is a case that must be looked into by the Police and traditional leaders,” said Muzamana.

Antonio expressed shock at the incident and said she was convinced that her daughter was murdered.
“I am trying to come to terms with the death of my daughter. I strongly believe she was killed because she had a deep cut in the head. She used to have many disputes with her husband,” said Sigauke’s mother.
The deceased mother and other relatives said were chased away after they had tried to understand how things went on up to the death of Sigauke.

“We tried to find out how my daughter died and my in-laws chased us away using logs and machetes. I could not pay last respects as Talent was buried the night we were chased away,” said deceased mother.
Sigauke said that there was no burial order for the deceased.

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