Mystery abound as Chipinge Town Engineer resigns


CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Council Enginer Paul Mulauzi has resigned amid allegations that the local authority was giving road and other tenders to undeserving individuals.
Mlauzi said he was driving when The Mirror called him for a comment. He however, did not call back as per his promise.

The Mirror is in possession of an internal memo written to heads of departments (HOD) by the Town Secretary, Susan Dube announcing the resignation and the appointment of an acting engineer at the local authority.
Sources said allegations against the engineering department were raised during a visit by the Deputy Minister of Local Government Marian Chombo who toured projects funded under devolution and raised questions on the proper use of the funds.
The Mirror understands that the local authority was following up on the issues raised by Chombo when Engineer Mlauzi resigned.

Efforts to get a comment from Dube were futile.
Council chair Zivanai Nyakuchena confirmed the resignation and promised to comment on the issue after a council meeting last week. He however turned around after the meeting and said that there were technicalities on the issue that would not permit him to comment.
“I cannot comment now, we are having a meeting which concerns the matter. I will give detailed information after the meeting,” he said.

Edson Munjanga, the Housing director is now acting engineer.
“Director of Housing and Community Services has been appointed acting Town Engineer with immediate effect following the resignation of Engineer P.Mulauzi the previous week,” reads part of the letter.
The tenders in question are for road construction and installation of solar powered boreholes.

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