My Age Zimbabwe revive life at Charles Austin Theatre

MASVINGO – My Age Zimbabwe in partnership with Masvingo Theatre Arts Club has recently embarked on Rethinking Arts and pandemics Projects funded by Culture Fund and The European Union.
My Age Director Onward Gibson confirmed the development to The Mirror newspaper in an interview
“My Age Zimbabwe and Masvingo theatre and Arts Club with support from Culture Fund and European Union has embarked on RAP project that will be a platform for artists to showcase their talent on online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.
“This has been a response to challenges that came with lockdown restrictions to revive life at Charles Austin theatre,” said Gibson.
My Age has been the backbone of activities at Charles Austin theatre and the Director for the organisation is part of the Masvingo theatre and arts club which took over running of the theatre from Masvingo Drama club in 2019.
There are about 37 Masvingo Artists who are part of the program as WeKwaMaramba, Pande Guan, Mambo Guramatunhu, Susu the Poet, among others.
Gibson said they joined Covid 19 campaign after the pandemic hits hard at arts, culture, and the creative economy, this includes industries such as film as well as creative occupations such as musicians, artists, performers, and artistic designers.
“The project will also capacitate artists to be able to use online platforms for their work and capacity building topics include social media marketing, professionalism, entrepreneurship, brand management and content creation.
“The project will also play a part in the Covid 19 response not only by following regulations during activities but also raise awareness through music, poetry and short videos,” added My Age Director.
My Age between 2012/2019 has been working with Patsimeredu edutainment trust implementing the Buddyz for Luv project with each school term project reaches out to 20 000 young people in schools around the Province.
The plays addresses to pertinent issues like HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancies, school dropouts, drug and substance abuse, menstrual health, intergenerational relationships among others.
My Age in 2019 also launched Masvingo Youth Arts Festival (MAYA)under the theme: Youth Participation In Civic Engagement through the Arts which has brought back an learning and exchange platform for the arts sector in Masvingo and beyond.

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