Mwenezi West MP intervenes in farmhouse wrangle

MWENEZI – Mwenezi West MP Priscilla Moyo Zindari has intervened in a wrangle between villagers in Ward 15 and local businessman Leonard Mutema over a farmhouse.
The villagers and Mutema were heading off for a clash over a farm house left by a white commercial farmer at Battlefields Farm. Mutema who has a 2 000-hectare farm in the area and some shops in Bikita wanted to use the farmhouse to start a boarding at Valley Primary School while villagers want to use the house as a clinic.
Zindari recently visited the area to assess the problem herself.
Joana Chihabu a health worker in the ward told the MP that villagers walk 30km to the nearest health centre at Gezani. She also talked of critical shortage of health staff in the area and the problems faced by expecting mothers. She said that there are only two trained health officers in the area who serve 15 villages.
The mode of transport for sick patients are scotch carts and wheelbarrows, said Chihabu
The wrangle erupted when former owner Olivier Hendrick was given notice to vacate the homestead by the Ministry of Lands by September 2, 2021.
Zindari however, told her constituency that the wishes of the people should be respected and she was particularly touched by the plight of patients. She declared that the farmhouse would be used as a clinic since this is what the people of the area wanted. She said Mutema was free to apply for a place to build boarding facilities for a school.
Mutema accepted the MP’s verdict.
Headman Ratsva concurred with the MP and said that the issue of a clinic was more critical for the community.

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