Mwenezi thieves exchange stolen donkeys for millet


MWENEZI- A Mwenezi man who allegedly drove a donkey drawn scotch cart from Mberengwa to Mwenezi stealing donkeys from one village and exchanging them for millet at the next has been remanded in custody for continuation of trial.

Sam Moyo (36) of Posani village, Chief Mazetese was remanded in custody by Mwenezi resident Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa on Tuesday.

The court heard that Moyo and two unidentified accomplices drove a donkey drawn scotch cart from Mberengwa to Mwenezi and would steal donkeys along the way which they exchanged with sacks of millet at the next village.

The State led by Lighton Katsidzira said that the stolen donkeys would be tied to the scotch cart and driven to the nearest village where they would be sold. Moyo and his accomplices allegedly used pseudo names at every village.
Concerned villagers then informed Police about Moyo and his accomplices who were driving round villages with over eight donkeys at a time.

Police tracked Moyo and arrested him at Matava Village, Chief Maranda where he stole 10 donkeys worthy $50 000 belonging to Zacharia Ngwenya. His alleged accomplices evaded being arrest by escaping from Police.

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