Mwenezi DDC calls for opening of Bubi Clinic

Albert Chivanga.


MWENEZI – Mwenezi District Development Co-ordinator (DDC), Rosemary Chingwe has bemoaned the delay in the opening of Bubi Clinic which could easily help in the fight against rising malaria cases in the area.

She said this during a full council meeting at Neshuro last week.

Chingwe urged Council to speed up the opening of the Clinic which is in Ward 16 since all work has been completed and the opening just awaits inspection by officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

She said people are walking long distances to the nearest clinic and this does not augur well for the fight against malaria.

Bubi Clinic is Heine, a farm house that was turned into a clinic and it will serve Bubi, Velcom and Chipangai.

Mwenezi Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Albert Chivanga said everything was ready for the opening except supervision by health officials.

“Furniture is being destroyed by termites and malaria cases are going up as we delay opening of the clinic,” said Chingwe.

Mwenezi West legislator, Priscilla Moyo said people were being carried long distances in scotch carts to the nearest clinics and the opening of Bubi would solve that problem.

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