Mwenezi artist drops new album


MWENEZI- Elphas Tasiyana who is known in the music circles as Taso Mujudha released an album early this month with three tracks namely Murudo, Pakushanda basa and Vemadzinza.
Pakushanda basa is a song that encourages team work in everything people do in order to produce good results. He talks about unity among band members, people and their leaders, managers and subordinates.
The second one called Vemadzinza encourages people to put their trust in God and seek guidance since every human being comes from a community with different beliefs. Some are guided by their great grandfathers’ spirits which are jealousy of one’s success hence the need to turn to God.
Murudo, the sungura artist says it’s a song which talks to family members that when one has found a partner, life changes and the way they used to interact and share has also changed hence they should accept the new reality.
This is a problem that he says is prevalent in most families when a member marries as they want to continue with the old ways of doing things thereby creating friction.
Mujudha talks about the struggle that rural upcoming artist face in a way to be recognized as they face financial challenges and now it has been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Talking from his experience he says that he used to hold shows at growth points and in beerhalls as way of marketing his music but this was disturbed by Covid-19 restrictions and his fans in the rural areas have no access to social media like Youtube and Facebook.
Mujudha was born in Mwenezi at Neshuro Hospital and they are five in the family.
He attended Rata Primary School in Mwenezi in Chief Negari area and went to Guiding School for his secondary education.
His started singing in 2013 and released his first album in 2019 called Nhano and is inspired by the late superstars, Paul Matavire, Leonard Dembo and Tonga Moyo.

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