Muzenda legacy lives on


GUTU-The late Vice President Simon Vengai Muzenda, has left his people with something to remember him with as 40 households in Zvavahera Village in Gutu are now reaping the fruits of his irrigation initiative. 

This was revealed to The Mirror during a visit to Zvavahera Irrigation Scheme covering over 40 hectares of land. The farmers are expected to contribute more than 160 tonnes of winter wheat to the national food basket.

The scheme is also expected to contribute over US$136 000 to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Each farmer is also expected to pocket an average of US$3 400.  This will uplift the villagers’ personal livelihoods as well as improving their food security. Besides wheat the villagers also plant maize and soya beans as part of their crop rotation throughout the year.

The scheme is getting assistance from the Government after the intervention of Vitalis Vengai Muzenda the late vice President’s eldest son. Vitalis said the project was the brainchild of his father and went on to say he only revived the project. 

“That project was started by my father. I am only helping here and there. I think the best person to take you through the whole project is the project chairperson,” said Muzenda.  

Zvavahera Irrigation Scheme chairperson, Clever Bhagu, lauded the late Muzenda as someone who had his people at heart. He went on to say each villager is expected harvest at least four tonnes on one hectare piece of land. 

“The project started in 2002 with 40 members. It however broke down for eight years from 2011 to 2019. The son then took our matter with the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate, Fisheries and Rural Development and we got assistance from the department of Irrigation Service which contracted a company called Cotrum to renovate the irrigation system and replace the rotten pipes.

“The ministry also donated a tractor and disc harrow which we use to plough our land and it provides a combine harvester during every harvest time. We want thank the late Muzenda because he also struck a deal with the Ministry of Local Government and three roomed-houses were built for all the members.

Constance Mahachi who is the secretary of the project thanked Vitalis Muzenda for reviving the project and assisting them to pay their electricity bills.

“I would like to thank the late Muzenda and his son Vitalis. If we encounter problem Muzenda helps us out,” said Mahachi

Martin Zigwena, a villager and a scheme member said their lives have changed for the better when the project was introduced and thank the Muzendas for their philanthropic work.  

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