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Mutsvangwa scoffs at Maimane

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Mutsvangwa scoffs at Maimane


Zanu PF has described South African opposition figure, Mmusi Maimane, as a “house nigger” who is fanning xenophobic flames, but will not win in his quest to divide Zimbabwe and South Africa.

This comes as Maimane torched xenophobic flames recently on social media when he apportioned blame to the Zimbabwean Government for immigration challenges in South Africa.

His comments are in stark contrast to the South African ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), whose leader Mr Cyril Ramaphosa has repeatedly said South Africans are not xenophobic.

In a message to Maimane, who was once the “puppet leader” of the Democratic Alliance, Zanu PF spokesperson, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe is not a vassal of any country.

“Maimane is a mercenary and fawning lapdog of neo-colonial racists. His vile utterances shoved into his servile brain by sulking peddlers of regime change agendas. We remind him that free Zimbabwe is not a vassal of any country notwithstanding any cobwebs that may shroud his blinkered mind. As they say, once a kitchen nigger, always a kitchen nigger,” he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said nothing will disturb the relationship that exists amongst nations in the region.

“No amount of contrived hate-mongering xenophobic paranoia will undo the ancient ties that knitted the people of the sub-region together. This was well before the depredations of European empire builders to whom Maimane is so enamoured,” he said.

“The sub-regional bonds were further strengthened during shared sacrifice (during) the fight against colonial and white minority settler regimes to rid our people of the yoke racism and apartheid.”

He said Maimane and his peevish mind stand in violation of the sacred tenets of our sub-regional unity.

This also comes at a time when regional and continental bodies are condemning the attack on foreigners and their properties in South Africa.

In 2019, the Government repatriated thousands of Zimbabwean nationals from South Africa as xenophobic attacks against foreigners spread across, and presently, some misguided elements such as Maimane are spreading hate targeting foreigners.Herald.

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