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Mutare Town Clerk in no show at council

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Mutare Town Clerk in no show at council



MUTARE-Appointed Mutare City Town Clerk Kumbirai Madanhi is yet to assume office despite being appointed by the Local Government Board in March 2023, leading the council to re-advertise the post. He told Chipinge Times that a communication breakdown with the outgoing council has also derailed him from resigning from his current post as Ruwa Local Board secretary.
Madanhi also said that the council passed a resolution to re-advertise his post, leaving his future uncertain as he cannot appeal the decision.
“The Mayor and other councillors were not organised. I received a letter from the Mayor sometime in June or July that I should assume duty on August 24, 2023. During that period, I had not even notified the Ruwa Local Board. I pleaded to start in September because I could not work under two employers.
“The councillors, who were not properly advised resolved to re-advertise my post. I had indicated to them that I was coming. The City of Mutare has no mayor, and I have no one to address my concerns to. “The Acting Town Clerk (Blessing Chafesuka) is my junior such that I cannot address my letter to him, so I am stuck. Besides, I cannot resign at Ruwa when I am not guaranteed the job I got in Mutare. I can serve Ruwa my resignation in 48 hours,” he said.
Outgoing Mayor Councillor Simon Chabuka insisted that they gave Madanhi ample time since December 2022 to assume duty.
“We have been patient with him, and I think some months back, I wrote a letter advising him to assume duty on July 24, 2023, without fail.
“He did not show up. This left us with no choice but to re-advertising the post,” said Chabuka.
United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust (UMMRT) Programmes Director Edison Dube said Madanhi is retarding progress as far as developing Mutare is concerned. He said that Madanhi has not bothered to write a convincing letter to former Mayor Chabuka explaining why he is delaying taking up duty.
“The appointment of a Town Clerk is done through a council resolution. The employer is the council. The council cannot wait indefinitely to accommodate someone who has failed to report for duty since April. “As residents we are livid. Money and time have been spent but there are no results to show for it. Since March Madanhi has not shown up for duty. Someone is taking the residents of Mutare for granted,” fumed Dube. The previous Town Clerk, Joshua Maligwa, succumbed to COVID-19 on January 5, 2021.

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