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Mutare City begins construction of Yeovil Cemetery perimeter wall 

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Mutare City begins construction of Yeovil Cemetery perimeter wall 




MUTARE-Mutare City Council has begun constructing Yeovil Cemetery perimeter wall in Chikanga after an outcry from residents whose children witnessed and imitated burials.

Council spokesperson, Spren Mutiwi confirmed the development and said council is anticipating that the construction will be completed in March.

He said the delay in the construction of the wall was due to procurement processes which the local authority could not override.

“This is a relief at long last and as a listening local authority we are very much committed to addressing issues of concern in our city. We take engagement seriously and we are determined to make a change as well as improving the living standards of communities.

“The contractor has already started the process of trenching so that the perimeter wall will be constructed. We want to appreciate and take note of the concerns coming from our residents and stakeholders,” explained Mutiwi.

The construction of the perimeter wall became a topical issue last year after residents complained to council that their children were witnessing at least five coffins being lowered into graves daily.

They also complained that their children were imitating funerals and burying small coffins in the ground during their play time.

The rate of burials at Yeovil cemetery had reached a crescendo especially during the COVID-19 era where children witnessed more than five burials a day. Mutare City expanded the graveyard towards the residential area.

Dickson Chaeruka a local resident who resides opposite the graveyard applauded the city fathers for taking heed to their concerns and urged them to be pro-active in their approach to issues affecting residents.

“We hope the construction will be completed soon and in the future we call upon the local authority to always put the welfare of its residents first,” said Chaeruka.

Mutiwi appealed to residents to properly take care of the infrastructure because part of the area which is being re-constructed was vandalized by residents.

“It is our clarion call that as we put a new wall let’s look after our infrastructure and desist from vandalizing council properties so that we don’t revert back to the exposure which led to that outcry. May we safeguard our properties and desist from all forms of vandalism,” added the council spokesperson.

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