Multimillion dollar lodge nears completion at Murambinda


BUHERA – A multimillion dollar state of the art lodge with 23 bedrooms and a 700-seater conference centre is nearing completion at Murambinda Growth Point in Buhera.

Elephant Lodge will have a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, an underground entertainment area and six pools with fish for recreational fishing.

The lodge will also have a paved stream, a dam, a game park for wildlife viewing and guided bush walks; making it probably the most unique hospitality center in rural Manicaland.

There are 13 detached apartments that are already complete with one bedroom each for the three Presidential apartments and two bedrooms each for the 10 ordinary apartments, a dining and kitchen.

The lodge also brings Buhera District on the map with its top notch, world class multi-purpose court incorporating tennis, basketball, volley ball and netball courts.

The site manager took The Mirror on a site tour of the imposing facility that has given Murambinda a big facelift; adding touch to Buhera’s hospitality services.

The lodge is located 4km out of Murambinda along Murambinda – Chivhu Highway.

The site manager said the lodge should be completed by April this year.

“Construction commenced last February and our target is to complete the lodge by April this year. The apartments are complete and we are now building the security wall, conference hall, kitchen and the serving room,” he said.

The presidential suites have one bedroom, a changing room, kitchenette, dining area and a combined bathroom and toilet, whereas the non-presidential suites have two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, combined bathroom and a toilet.

“The apartments overlook a swimming pool with a jacuzzi , an underground entertainment area and a paved stream partitioned into six pools which will house fish for recreational fishing.

“There is a multi-purpose court incorporating tennis, basketball, volley ball and netball courts.

“There are plans to construct a dam and establish a game park eastside of the lodge. This will provide guests with activities such as wildlife viewing on game drives and guided bush walks,” he said.

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