Mucheke head bars candidates from writing ZIMSEC exam



MASVINGO – Mucheke High School headmaster Vincent Maweni has barred over 50 fully registered candidates from sitting for their June ZIMSEC examinations after cancelling their names from the school’s entry form statement citing Covid-19.

A headmaster does not have the authority to bar registered candidates from writing their ZIMSEC exams. Most of the affected candidates are students at the school.

Masvingo Province Education Director (PED) Zedius Chitiga said he was investigating the matter.

The Mirror has it on good authority that Maweni, the school bursar, deputy head and senior teachers have all been instructed to write reports by the PED.

Maweni said he cancelled the candidates’ names because of Covid-19 and referred further questions to the District Schools Inspector (DSI); he however, failed to furnish The Mirror with the criteria he used to select the candidates.

A ZIMSEC spokesperson told The Mirror that the candidates are registered on their end and any misdemeanor should be handled by the ministry of education.

A source told The Mirror that the candidates who are being barred from writing their exams are being marked as absent on the attendance register.

The source also said there is no clear criterion to how the candidates’ were scrapped off the list as Maweni even scrapped children and relatives of his own staff.

A disgruntled parent who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said they only got to know of the situation on Monday last week after their children were denied the right to collect their statement of entry.

“My daughter told me that he was barred from sitting for her exam last week. I went to see the headmaster and he told me that his deputy would bring back the registration refund. I am still waiting for any explanation over the criteria used to select the candidates’,” said the source.

The June exams were registered at $190 per subject at the beginning of the year and the money has since lost value.

A source at the school said it was absurd that Maweni plans on reimbursing parents from school coffers when the registration fees went to ZIMSEC.

“We sent a delegation to speak and understand his standpoint on Friday but he scolded and simply told us that he cancelled candidates’ names because of Covid-19.

“Now he is telling parents that he wants to reimburse them from school coffers which is ridiculous because the registration fees went to ZIMSEC, the school cannot incur losses because of his unwarranted behavior,” said an SDC member who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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