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Mucheke ‘baby killer’ claims she was never pregnant

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Mucheke ‘baby killer’ claims she was never pregnant


Kudzai Mupasi

MASVINGO- A suspected mentally challenged Mucheke woman who made headlines last week when she allegedly cut a newly born baby into pieces was remanded to May 23, 2023.
Ngonidazashe Mukanhairi (34), who appeared in court for initial remand, hailed insults and demanded she is granted the chance to explain what transpired on the day. Magistrate Rethakgetsi Silaigwana called prison officers to take her out of the court.
Mukanhairi vehemently denied killing her baby but told the court that she never slept with a man and had a bulging stomach confused for pregnancy because someone bewitched her.
She said the baby was not hers and she is being framed for killing the baby. She said she was surprised to find a rotten baby in her room. She asked the court if someone could give birth to a rotten baby.
“Let me tell the truth. Even God wants us to tell the truth. I was not pregnant, and the dead infant found in my room was not mine since never slept with a man. I was bewitched that is why I had a swollen tummy. I am a morally upright girl, you can ask Mupfinho who was taking care of me, and she will testify that she has never seen me with a man”, she said.
The court heard that on April 28,2023, Mukanhairi was pregnant and visited her relative Rosewitta Mukanhairi at house number 1009 Rungano Street in Masvingo, looking for accommodation. She was given room to stay for one week.
She later gave birth and killed the infant by cutting the whole body into pieces, hiding the remains in a plastic bag and placing them in her room.
The matter was discovered by Rosewitta, who reported it to the police leading to Mukanhairi’s arrest.

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