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Mr Chenga Ese at it again

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Mr Chenga Ese at it again


Hello everyone. Mr HOTH is in and out of hibernation these days owing to circumstances beyond his control. I am so sorry about that. I hope you will accept my apologies without any reservations. I am happy that God has finally heard our cries and we are receiving that precious liquid which we all need for survival.

Yes, that is the most essential liquid which should not be missed in our lives. Everything we drink is in liquid form including the wise waters . Yes, the wise waters as many call it. Well, whatever they call it,  I always say to my colleagues if stupidity was drink.

I have seen many people who are in jail for committing heinous crimes after gulping one or two bottles of the so called wise waters. Others would fall in the wrong bed with a wrong person. The list is endless. So is that being wise?

Some get killed in the process for picking up fights that don’t involve them.Vaya vanongohakira semusoro vanozongoguma vafira yangana. Mudumbu mukarwadza musoro wodavira, kunzwa flu musoro wodavira, kunzwa musana musoro wodavira. So is that what we call being wise?

Although the wise waters have a darker side they also light up certain moments. Vamwe vanotombobvunza kuti asi maingridients evanobika doro anoita include chirungu kanhi? It’s because most people if not all usually start using the Queen’s language after one or two sips.

The last time I wrote about the CEO whom I decided to call Mr Chenga Ese. If you know you know. I am told Mr Chenga Ese can win the playboy contest in the southern Hemisphere . He can hit on anything that moves in a skirt. Even kutoona dhirezi riripawaya he will start having ideas of the one who wears it. I told you the last time that I heard he is a self-styled gynecologist. Vakuru  vekunheneka zvibereko chaivo.  

You know that HOTH as a Person Of No Fixed Abode (PONFA) is always wandering aimlessly around the lengthy and breath of the town and the country at large. So, at this particular time HOTH was  doing his usual rounds in this eastern district of the province when he bumped into another juicy one

Pakadii paHanyanya apo vakomana isu kuno tanzwa nekutsva wena? Dikita riri kungoteuka wena. I hope the rains that are pounding the other parts of the country will finally reach this side. The crops are wilting like the councillors who have gone for more than more than four months with any drop of cents in their pockets after they approved that the workers be given money to buy rockets to use when flirting with other people’s wives. 

 Kkkkk seka hako HOTH maida kuzviita mabhiriyoneya sana Elon Musk muchiti vanhu vatenge zvitundumutseretsere musingaoneri kuti that was going to dry up the coffers. Now makukanga waya makanzura you want the whole world to sympathize with you. Varume makadhakwa imi.

Anyway that’s a story for another day but in the mean time between the time let me give you the latest offering I have from our main actor the king of all stray bulls in the mountainous Hanyanya area. I heard our man of the moment was or is dating a girl employed at this place panowanza kusiyiwa hope nevakwanda paya.

So on the day in question Mr Chenga Ese wanted to have some quality with the girl but for some reasons she didn’t feel like it, so she did not open the door for him and he was so pissed off. Hanzi bambo vakapaumba wena kusvika vashosho izwi apa he was knocking on the door but the girl would have none of it. I am told he reversed and found himself hitting a building and tree before screeching off at high speed.

Asi Cde munoda kuita sei chaizvo? Last time you impregnated a certain woman in the locality and now this anyway regai ndinyarare hangu. So until then Vaya Con Dias.  

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