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Motorist loses teeth after being attacked by cops

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Motorist loses teeth after being attacked by cops



SHURUGWI – Two Shurugwi cops have been arrested after they allegedly assaulted a motorist at a roadblock who lost some teeth.
Dexter Muzunguza (31) was allegedly attacked by Samuel Bikwi (35) and Edwin Chiteshe (39) at Shurugwi – Wonderer Road and although the case happened on February 24, 2022, it is yet to appear in court.

State papers in the hands of The Mirror indicate that the case is waiting to come before Shurugwi magistrate, Percy Mukumba and Pride Gomera will prosecute.
The papers say that the cops intercepted Muzunguza who was driving a Honda Fit.
The complainant complied and stopped and went to meet Bikwi who ignored him and proceeded to his car and drove the vehicle before parking it behind a Police vehicle.

The complainant asked what his offence was to Bikwi and he was told that he was under arrest and was going to be taken to the Police station.
Chiteshe allegedly slapped the complainant several times on the face.
Chiteshe struck the complaint once on the right cheek and the complaint started bleeding after losing some teeth.
One of the accused drove the complaint’s motor vehicle while he was instructed to board the police vehicle to Shurugwi Police station where they searched his vehicle. It is reported that the cops found 0.02 kgs of dagga stuffed inside the vehicle.

The complainant was then arrested and detained for two counts of resisting arrest and the third count of being found in possession of dagga.
The complainant later filed a report which led to the arrest of the accused.

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