More people come out of homes in Masvingo

Mirror ReporterMasvingo – The 21-day lockdown declared by President Mnangagwa last week runs the danger of collapsing before it runs its full course as more people poured out into the streets in Masvingo this morning (March 31, 2020) than there were on the first day.The Mirror conducted surveys throughout the city this morning and realised that children unlike on the first day on Monday, were out in the streets in larger numbers playing football and other games. Most gates to homes that were locked are upon.Movement of people in town is rapidly getting back to normal.The Officer Commanding Masvingo, Assistant Commissioner Taonei Nyazema said Police and other security agents are on the streets educating people about the lockdown before they resort to use of force.“You can see that there is Police on the streets educating people on the lockdown that was declared by the President. We will make people aware first before we use force. The situation must improve by tomorrow,” said Nyazema.There were more adults on the streets than there were on Monday as they walked up and down in the high density suburbs. Most shops at business centres in Masvingo are open this morning except for beerhalls. The number of cars on the streets remained low as Police maintained the roadblocks that were there yesterday.

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