More murders from mentally challenged: man axes sister’s child

Sharon Nyaya
Mberengwa reporter

Mberengwa – Bruce Duhwa (26), a mentally challenged man from Shayamabvudzi Village under Chief Bvute fatally struck his sister’s child (8) five times in the neck with an axe.

The incident comes as violent deaths caused by mentally challenged people who are failing to access drugs because of the harsh economic conditions are rapidly increasing.

Duhwa axed his nephew Gift Maidza and the incident which happened at Christmas was confirmed by Chief Bvute.

The deceased’s mother is working in South Africa and on that fateful day she had phoned to tell her mother to collect parcels she had sent for the child and family from South.

Sources said was ill for some time but he never showed any traits of being violent.

A neighbor who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said Duhwa woke up at around 1am from the dining room where he was sleeping. He picked an axe outside the house and went straight into the next room where the now deceased Maidza was sleeping and he struck him five times on the back of the neck and left the axe deep in his flesh and vanished.

He came back in the morning saying he did not know what had happened. He only woke up in the nearby mountain and decided to return home to receive news that he had killed his nephew.

The case was reported at Mberengwa Police Station under CRB Mbe 512/20.

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