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More benefits for civil servants


More benefits for civil servants


THE Government has added another non-monetary benefit to its workers in rural areas through provision of free transportation to do monthly shopping in urban areas, with teachers being the first beneficiaries of the facility beginning this weekend.

This comes days after President Mnangagwa directed that civil servants be awarded a lucrative package that includes a 20 percent increment across the board backdated to January 1, plus US$100 from the employees’ local currency component, with a school fees support for up to three biological children.

Also, as part of cushioning civil servants, the Government offered them a host of other non monetary benefits, including 34 000 flats for teachers that will be built on school premises over a period of five years.

Crucially, an advancement award that recognises seniority for differentiation within the same grade will be implemented across the entire civil service, while teachers would be allowed to import vehicles duty free.

And now, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced that civil servants will be provided with free transportation for shopping.

Starting this Saturday, a bus from Kotwa will pick up people at BSPZ leaving at 6:30am and arrive in Harare at Simon Muzenda Street formerly Fourth Street near Mukwati Building at 0900hrs while returning at 3pm.

“The PSC wishes to inform civil servants that it will be providing transport for shopping to civil servants every Saturday after a pay day monthly from February 2022 onwards,” reads the PSC notice.

“Civil servants who wish to enjoy this facility are required to carry their pay slips and national IDs with them and it should be noted that the facility is free for now.”

According to the notice, teachers will be the first to start enjoying the facility, with the rest of civil servants following on February 26.Herald.

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