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Moovah introduces insurance cover for senior citizens

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Moovah introduces insurance cover for senior citizens


Moovah, Zimbabwe’s fastest growing mobile phone-based insurance brand has moved to cushion senior citizens against the rising cost of living by offering affordable insurance cover to the elderly.

The EcoCash Holdings short-term insurance unit recently introduced the Moovah Senior Citizens Cover, which is tailor-made for seniors aged 55 years and above, covering motor vehicles, personal effects, home and household contents for 30 percent less.

“It is important for our senior citizens to enjoy their retirement knowing that they are adequately covered. This insurance product reinforces Moovah’s sustained endeavour to provide each segment of our society with the highest standards of accessibility to quality insurance products and services, in line with our vision and global best practice,” the company said.

Moovah is continually creating an enhanced customer experience through implementing innovative insurance solutions.

Zimbabwe’s insurance penetration ratio is currently less than 3,5%, according to the Insurance and Pensions Commission. But EcoCash Holdings — through its insurance businesses — has made great strides to bring insurance to millions of people through the mobile phone.

Moovah said its Senior Citizens Cover, the first in Zimbabwe, further enables pensioners to better manage their short-term insurance from the comfort of their homes.

“The product greatly improves their quality of life and experience,” added the company.

With the Moovah Senior Citizens Cover, pensioners can renew insurance on their mobile phone and enjoy free disc delivery. In addition, they also get free Mars Emergency Evacuation following an accident, and free asset valuation.

“Our insurance service also offers a 10% incentive to our seniors when they refer a friend or relative. In cases of emergency when they are travelling, we offer roadside assistance through the Automobile Association of Zimbabwe (AAZ),” Moovah said.

The Moovah Senior Citizens Cover protects pensioners against several risks including damages arising from fire, theft, lightning and explosion, criminal, civil and labour cases that are brought against them or their dependants.

The popular insurance product also covers seniors against damage to third parties, including vehicles, property and bodily injury.

“To buy this product, senior citizens simply need to dial *901#, buy insurance on the phone and email confirmation of payment to [email protected]

“The 30% discount will be paid after validation of age has been done by our underwriting team,” Moovah said.Newsday.

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