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Mnangagwa resuscitates Kwalu chieftainship

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Mnangagwa resuscitates Kwalu chieftainship



BEITBRIDGE – Beitbridge District which only has two chieftainships will have a third following the resuscitation of the Kwalu chieftainship by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Reliable sources told Two Nations that Mnangagwa recently ascended to the resuscitation of the Kwalu traditional leadership abolished in 1951.
Amon Ndou has since been selected as the next chief.
Chief Director for Traditional Leaders Support Services in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works Felix Chikovo could not be reached for a comment by the time of going to Press.
The two chiefs in Beitbridge have been Chief Sitaudze (Beitbridge West) and Chief Matibe in (Beitbridge East). Kwalu shares wards in Beitbridge West constituency with Chief Sitaudze and the two Chieftainship clan members agreed that Sitaudze will have wards 4, 6, 7, 12 and 14 under his jurisdiction whilst Chief Kwalu will administer wards; 8,9,10 and 11.
The Kwalu people came from South Africa and settled in Beitbridge district at Madali in Thshikandavhaloyi area (also known as Zezane).
Madali area was administered by a Lozi Chief and Chivhule got employment as a Police Officer. Chivhule gained favour with the Rozvi Chief such that when the clan moved north wards inland to join their other kinsmen in Zambia, Chivhule was given the Chieftainship throne.
Chivhule remained at Madali and was recognised as a Chief. He reigned up to his death and was succeeded by his eldest son from the fifth wife, Kwalu.
During the reign of Kwalu, the colonial administrators were registering Chieftainships and thus the Chieftainship was registered in the name of the current sitting incumbent Kwalu although the founding father was Chivhule.
Kwalu was succeeded by Manditsika who in turn was succeeded by Chibhude. Chibhude Kwalu was allegedly unpopular for always being at loggerheads with the Colonial Administration. He suffered from leprosy and has been in and out of hospital and lived in isolation. Kwalu Chieftainship was then abolished around 1951 and Chibhudi Kwalu was demoted from Chieftainship and was fined 5 pound for his misconduct.
Sitaudze who deputised the Kwalu Chieftainship and also were nephews were elevated to Chieftainship under clan name Sitaudze.

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