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Mnangagwa caused 360 deaths in 2008 says Ibbo Mandaza

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Mnangagwa caused 360 deaths in 2008 says Ibbo Mandaza



MASVINGO – President Mnangagwa caused the death of 360 Zimbabweans when he forced Mugabe not to accept defeat after losing to Morgan Tsvangirai in the 2008 Presidential elections, prominent academic and political analyst, Dr Ibbo Mandaza has alleged.
Mandaza said the resultant Presidential rerun carried out at the behest of President Mnangagwa (Minister of Rural Housing and Social Amenities then) and his Vice President (Commander Defence Forces then) Constantino Chiwenga was violent and ruthless resulting in 360 people being killed and hundreds more maimed.
He said that a South African general, Gilbert Romano broke down in tears when he saw Zimbabweans who had lost their hands due to the violence.
Mandaza was speaking at OR Tambo School of Leadership in South Africa (SA) on Friday where he made a presentation titled; The state of democracy in the SADC region; a reflection on the national elections of Zimbabwe.
He said after losing the elections, Mugabe phoned former presidents, Thabo Mbeki and Olusegun Obasonjo of SA and Nigeria respectively conceding defeat. He added that Mugabe and his wife Grace were at the point of leaving for some country with their bags packed when Mnangagwa and Chiwenga approached and ordered them to stay put.
“There is no doubt at all here in South Africa as to the brutality of the regime in Harare. A runoff was contrived, sadly with the help of South Africa, and runoff took place, very violent runoff, 360 people killed.
“I also took people who had lost their hands in the violence to the South African Embassy in Harare and Romano broke down in tears saying how can a liberation movement treat its people like that? He was a broken man,” said Mandaza.
“I also know that Mugabe conceded defeat in 2008. He phoned Mbeki and Obasanjo to concede defeat. I hope that Mbeki and Obasanjo will one day make this public.
“Mnangagwa and Chiwenga approached Mugabe and said you stay where you are,” said Mandaza.

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