Mlambo’s wife dies

MASVINGO-Tendai Mlambo nee Mangena Mbulawa, wife to senior officer in the President’s Department, Rameck Mlambo has died.
She died late last night at Makurira Memorial Clinic.
The husband confirmed the sad news to The Mirror when the crew visited the homestead at number 19214, Chikuni Drive in Rujeko C this morning where mourners are gathered.
“My wife just collapsed last night around 9pm and we rushed her to Makurira Memorial Clinic where she was admitted after the doctor said she had suffered a severe stroke. After administering some medicine, we drove back home and the doctor also left the hospital. At 0050hrs I received a phone call from the same doctor saying she could not make it,” said Mlambo.
“When I received the news at around 4am today I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked, we worked together very well as my supervisor,” said Canius Marime who worked with her at N. Richards.
N. Richards Southern Region director, Andrew Chekani also expressed shock at the death of Tendai Mlambo as they never expected it to happen that way because on yesterday (Saturday) she was at work.
Tendai Mlambo was born in Masvingo and went to Helen McGhie Primary and Victoria High School. She was a creditors supervisor at N. Richards Group in Masvingo, a company that she joined in 2001.
She was a member of the United Methodist Church in Masvingo.
Burial arrangements have not been finalised although the husband indicated that she will be laid to rest in Masvingo.
She is survived by her husband and one son.

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