Miss Tailor Perry a hubby snatcher

Relationships are now scary and the most weird things one can imagine. They are no longer a sanctuary to peace, love and happiness like the olden days when our elders used to write letters pouring their hearts on the paper while expressing their love to the ones they will be courting or dating. These day you can choose to commit at your own peril. Hakuchina munhu wemunhu tese takutangidza…singing hangu.

Both partners are cheating and it doesn’t need one to be a rocket scientist to see that he or she is being played. Now HOTH has to say it openly and raffle some feathers in the process. As you all know HOTH is always a party pooper. He exposes what you think people need to know if someone goes out of line. So don’t hate the player because you don’t like the game.

Recently HOTH bumped into a juicy one that left him wondering what the world is heading to. Someone is on the loose and causing a lot of break ups, heartbreaks and separations. So there is this lady, vaitombova mai pastor ivava. She is now d*ck hunter like vakaita yekusvutira muto chaiko. I am told kuti makapotsa Mafa nayo kwaCde Wail uko.

By the way do you guys listen to R n’ B guys? I wish you could listen to Joe’s track entitled ‘Better days’. That’s a  jam I tune you. I am not so sure if the other Joes are like that. Whoever told them that changing the dishes while serving the same soup will make a difference will never enter heaven.   

One Joe HOTH knows is married to Miss Light. He runs a small shop where he is printing his heart on every woman who cares to entertain him. Ipo pedu apo pekuti vamwe vanotevera vamwe vachitungamira. 

I will explain more about Miss Light if you are lost here. I am told everything went well although Miss Light’s womb was not blessed with the gift of child until this woman who is also Mr Wail’s mistress came into the picture. 

Well, back on my issue of explaining the name. Well, in Latin if someone is born at dawn or daylight, or is light in complexion the name him Lucius if he is male and Lucy is a feminine name. So you see why she is called Miss Light. Don’t fret over it because it’s not a big deal.

My advice to little Joe is that when God created Adam’s helper, it is believed that he made it difficult for most people (especially men) to easily wade through the complexities that define women and their characters. Unless if you are super intelligent you cannot  pick up red flags and on subtleties of this seemingly delicate gender.

Those intricacies are what make men’s hearts go pitter-patter. To understand how the creator made that type of human species you need to take them apart or put them to pieces and see what makes them work. Women are tantalizing and tempting while some are innocent, impeccable and free from blemish. Some are genuinely religious and are extremely good. 

On the flip side there is also a fraction of those who are abnormally economic with the truth. Their 

fibbing ways leave the devil drooling with envy. I mean that kind of crooks that will force you to count your fingers after a handshake. Saka iwe Joe mai vaya wakavanzisisisa here?

Usually they are very attractive and stunningly beautiful. Their bodies are perfectly shaped-without shortcomings or defects. To put icing on the cake most of them are usually well read.  Despite God’s flawless artwork on this alleged weaker sex; with exceptionally attractive appearances- their sincerity remains mostly questionable.

To describe them as a weaker sex is a debate for another day. Because at times they get so, consumed with envy, maelstrom of deeply calculating greed, vengeance and murder which overshadow the perceived weakness.

Now that brings me back to the issue of Aaliyah. Now everyone around town knows about how she is  snatching married hubbies. I am told she has a knack of prying on everyone who happens to leave his money in that granary. 

HOTH had an opportunity of talking to one of the farmers who confided in him that Aaliyah saw at fat account and tracked her husband and started flirting with him until they started dating. She appealed to the powers that be to protect farmers who use their granary where these Commercial Bitches of Zimbabwe (CBZ) are administrating their silos. 

HOTH is already feeling a shiver down his spine. So this is how men are being tracked down? Vakomana ka paipa apa. Ini handisini ndadaro ndakangonzwawo nevakazviitira. So zvavakwamuri kufuga kana kuwarira asi ratosvika haro shoko racho. 

Hanzi grannies are stalking every account that has more than enough grain so that they can entice the men (mostly young married men) with little favours and flirt with the young guys. Kwahi dzimba dzaparara nemambuya acho. Zvibhorani izvi.  Apa corruption on the other hand ma1 chaiwo.

Ko officer Mulambo makatopedza here mayuwesi aya 600 amakapihwa kuti mutsike tsike nyaya yevanhu vakaurayiwa vari pamudhudhu paMugoni apo. Asi munhu haarovi hake. Hondo yacho muchaiona naiye. Mapamba zvavapfupi nekureba handiti here? Next week tichanyatsofamba nayo hedu mirai muone. I am told that couple were coming from church not what HOTH was told MTSRIP. 

As HOTH I would like to apologize to immediate family members and their relatives. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the story. 

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